Reinforce emotional connection between brand and customer.




The main goal of this project was to reinforce an emotional connection and encourage engagement between the brand and its customer. In order to achieve this, we needed to develop a new concept that would stand out.


In order to offer a truly fun experience to easyJet fans, Creatives developed an interactive game using the Slam app. We were then able to create an innovative and customized contest. Indeed, the app is particularly flexible and allowed for a game environment that incorporated easyJet branding and their visual identity.


The contest itself generated over 6'000 excuses, many of which Creatives reposted on the easyJet Facebook page. With over 4 million impressions and 2 million people reached, the project was a true success. The CPC of 0.90 CHF is well below the Swiss average (1.25 CHF), proving the campaign was an excellent way to generate strong consumer engagement on social media.

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