Rebranding a trending local beer and taking it to the next level.


Dr. Gabs


To meet the growing demand from its clients, Dr. Gab's decided to move to new, larger and better-equipped premises, which will enable it to increase its annual brewing volume to 20,000 hl. Creatives has been completely free to let its creativity speak for itself in order for the 1,500 m² of the new brewery to meet the communication objectives set by Dr. Gab's.


For this big project, we could count on the multidisciplinary skills of our team: site visits to the construction areas, analysis of plans and a massive design and creative work in order to imagine how we could use the available surface in the most effective way.


- 1,200 visitors during the launching event on 30.06.2018 - 12,000 video views on Facebook - 6 releases in the press - 35,000 impressions on Instagram

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