Dentistry excellence meets powerful user experience.



About the project.

Ardentis is the leading dental clinic in French-speaking Switzerland. With more than twelve dental clinics located in the cantons of Geneva, Vaud, Fribourg and Valais, Ardentis offers services using cutting-edge medical technology. The goal was to meet both the client's request, by providing him with a complete digital tool that would differentiate the dental clinic from competition, and the patients' request by offering them a reliable, easy to use and efficient tool.


Through multiple iterations, unpublished alpha versions allowing employees to test the interface and live tests using the appointment scheduling system, we developed from scratch a competitive and efficient tool, for which feedback is excellent. The first version of the tool was implemented in the clinic of Lausanne-Flon and we are currently implementing the final version of the tool in the other Ardentis clinics in French-speaking Switzerland.


With its functional design in line with Ardentis' visual identity, the tool proves to be a real success. Since it went online (...), the number of appointments booked through the interface has increased steadily. Taking into account that users are happy with the tool and that dental clinic’s employees find it easy to use, it can be said that the goal is fully achieved.

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